About me

You’re only weird if you don’t realize you’re weird.

That is to say, everyone is weird in their own way, but it’s when you’re not aware of your weirdness that you start to make people uncomfortable. (Don’t be like that.)

I know I’m weird. I also know that I suck at talking to cool people, and I’m an excellent speed-walker.

The rest I’ll let you conclude from reading my posts.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. The old folks are here. Just for the record, I manage to stay up at night until 8:30 pm.

    We are really enjoying the Blog, and the song you sang in church is great. It’s a sermon all by itself.

    Keep The Good “Stuff” coming.

    I’m the Grandpa part of Grandpa and Grandma.
    Love You much!

  2. OK Tyler…..2 things:

    1. It was your rule that we couldn’t tell the results of the tennis matches so it goes both ways; and
    2. What if Tyler Delaney was a wanted (all of the world) criminal?

    The pictures were great, though.

    We love you and grandma says that goes for here, too!


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