I N V U 4 U R A Q T

In a couple weeks I will be speaking to a bunch of students about how to be intentional with your time at school. In order to start preparing for that, I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself what it was like to be in junior high and high school.




This is the first time I remember going through my yearbooks, and it was so much more fun than I could have imagined.

I could feel the ghost of those emotions I experienced as a student: lots of loneliness and wanting to fit in, insecurities, and all that crap students experience. (This was not the fun part.)

But man, if there is one thing that’s absolutely for sure, it’s that if I went back to high school now I would OWN it. I would crush high school.

I’d be amazing.

What I want to focus on right now, though, is the worst best thing ever:

Junior high yearbook signatures. (This is the fun part.)

For my future enjoyment, and for your present enjoyment, I’ve typed up some of my favorites with a quick response underneath.



“OY! Hey Tyler! Wuz ^! You are so cute (not that way) 🙂 Have a cool summer!”

“Hi tyler! Over the summer lets meet @ burgerville!”
-At Burgerville? Are you sure?

“Cool dude!”

“remember the good times!”
 -(what if there weren’t any?)

-Oh hey man it’s so good to see you thanks for stopping by!

“Hey sweets! Have a good summer!”

“Hey Tyler, I
-I 100% did not have fun.

“Hey sexy!”
-No. I looked like I was 7.


So glad I’m 25.


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