Sorry 2015

This morning I was thinking about how much I complain. It’s probably one of my biggest character flaws.

I’m going to interrupt myself really quick, because the idea of having a character flaw is actually fun for me. It makes me feel edgy. And yes, I am aware that the act of complaining is not edgy, please just let me have this moment.

Anyway, I know that I have definitely annoyed lots of my friends by being a complainer. To anyone reading this who I have annoyed with my whining, I apologize.

But I also want to use this time to apologize for any future complaining episodes so that I don’t have to worry about apologizing later on. That way there’s just less for me to worry about.

In an attempt to make myself look better, I also want to encourage people to compare my whininess to that of the lovable Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation. That way it’s fun for everyone! And while you’re making that comparison, I think you’ll also see many other lovable traits that Tom and I share. (But remember, I’m edgy too!)


I’m hot for the desktops

Today I realized a sad truth about myself.

It happened when I was just hanging out (by myself), minding my own business, when I stopped to try and figure out the song that was playing in my head.

When I realized what it was I felt weird.

The chorus from this stupid commercial has been stuck in my head for roughly 8 years (I know this because I looked it up and it came out in 2007). And, until I just looked it up, I hadn’tĀ seen the commercial in roughly 8 years, either.

What is life?