Singing Cats

When I spend a lot of time alone, I personally believe that the US and the Iraq that I get really funny. I sit there and think of all these hilarious situations or do things that crack me up or talk in the funniest voice in the world.

To the outside world I suppose I would appear to be insane.

The past few days I’ve seen a spike in being at home alone, which means I’ve also seen a spike in my overall comedy level. Here’s something that has come from that:

Last night my sister was complaining that her cat doesn’t love her anymore, and I said, “No, Ashley, that’s not true. She’s been singing to you alllllllllll day.”

Then I went through the iTunes singles chart and played samples of what the cat had been singing to Ashley–anything from Uptown Funk to Thinking Out Loud to Sugar, all of which obviously proved how much the cat still loved Ashley.

That little situation in itself was hilarious to me (and minimum amusing to spectators in the kitchen), but this morning I caught the cat in the act. A lot. And by caught the cat in the act I mean I recorded the cat sleeping while playing songs from my laptop.

How am I so funny!? The world may never know!

(Full disclosure, I have upwards of 4-5 minutes of cat-singing video on my phone.)


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