Throwback Thaturday

Here’s a little throwback to that time I almost died in an elevator.

tswift gif


Music I don’t want to wait for

I may still be wearing out Taylor’s 1989, but there are several albums coming out this year that I am really excited for. Accordingly, I have recently decided in the past 10 minutes that I would create a list of my most anticipated albums in order to organize my excitement. The following list is roughly in order of album release date, although who knows if someone on the list might pull a Beyonce and drop their album as I type this sentence.

Nope, didn’t happen.

  1. American Beauty/American Psycho, Fall Out Boyamerican beauty:psycho
  2. Smoke + Mirrors, Imagine Dragons.
    smoke and mirrors
  3. The Firewatcher’s Daughter, Brandi Carlile.firewatcher's daughter
  4. Piece By Piece, Kelly Clarkson.
    kelly clarkson
  5. TBD, Kendrick Lamar.
  6. TBD, Joy Williams. (Half of the now-defunct band The Civil Wars.)
  7. TBD, Adele.
  8. TBD, Mumford and Sons.
  9. TBD, Gwen Stefani.
  10. TBD, Jojo. (Remember Jojo?!)

I’m also curious to see what Frank Ocean and Fergie release this year… could be some good things from them as well. But also maybe not WE WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.

Did I forget anyone?


Selfie trouble

Before I start, you should know that I’m writing from Astoria, where I am sitting in a little coffee shop on the river, and sea lions are swimming by and popping up right outside the window.


I started writing this post with the desire to write, but now approximately 15 minutes into trying to write, I keep getting distracted by stupid things like that gorgeous view and these misplaced quotation marks:



I came to one of my favorite places in the world, Astoria, yesterday to have some time to get away and get some stuff done. This morning I went on a beautiful, windy, sunny walk and I was trying to add that walk to my Snapchat story and before I knew it I was taking selfies in front of a homeless man who looked at me like I was the reason for all bad things in this world.

I had to take stock of my life for a second after that.

I might not take a selfie ever again.

Or maybe I will, and I will purposefully do it in front of people as a social experiment to see who throws shade my way. Or at least that will be my excuse next time I am caught taking a selfie.

*Stares out window for 10 minutes*

Earlier today I was leaving Tripadvisor reviews for one of my favorite coffee shops here in Astoria (Street 14 Coffee) and for the hotel I stayed at last night, and as I was writing I realized that it’s my review so I can be weird if I want! It ended up being strangely fun, and I know that if I were to read a review like that I would be like “lolz I like it.”

Then that got me thinking. It would be so cool to be able to review cool places in my own writing voice all the time, and I bet people would like it. And then it hit me: that’s my new dream job. A travel writer. A funny travel writer. A funny, informative travel writer. Plus, it combines two of my favorite things:

beer and ice cream!
tennis and tv shows!
compliments and Taylor Swift!

writing and traveling!

There, it’s settled, I am now a travel writer. The only thing left to do, which can’t be hard, is find out how I am going to get paid to do this.