But seriously

Lately I’ve had an internal struggle with my blog intentions. I have always kept the blog relatively playful, with the exception of several emo posts towards the end of my time in Jakarta.

That’s not to say that I don’t ever write serious or meaningful things; typically when I am going through something hard or need to process things, I write in my private journal that is password protected and for my eyes only and not for you.

However, I’ve recently decided that in order for this blog to be a realistic representation of me, I need to occasionally include serious posts, too. And how will I do this? In a new segment I have entitled “But seriously.” So whenever you see “but seriously” in the title, that means I am going to be writing about something that has been on my mind or something that I am processing or something with substance.

Obviously it will not be dumb. Or TMI.

But I am relieved that I released myself from the box I put this blog into.

And now to go do something else.


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