Goodbye Jakarta, Hello Perfume Commercial

Currently I’m waiting at Soekarna-Hatta airport in Jakarta waiting for my flight to Hong Kong, then to Vancouver B.C., then finally to Portland. I am once again a mix of emotions, so I’ll see if I can write some of them out…

Before I start, I have to say that my Spanish vacation was amazing, and I was happy I could spend it with my brother and sister. Our Spanish cousins treated us like royals, and I think this was the first vacation in a long time where I didn’t lose weight. I haven’t checked, but I might have even gained an lb or two. How about I’ll post pics and more details later (about the vacation, not my weight). Sounds great.

I didn’t realize it until I sat next to 2 Spaniards in Starbucks just now (score!), but I really did leave part of my heart in Spain, and I actually feel a little homesick for Spain already. Que raro, no?

And now I am officially leaving my home for the past 2 years, Jakarta. I basically said my goodbyes to the people and the city before I left for Spain, but now having been back for a day to collect all my things and having to say goodbye for good, I feel sad again.

I’m also permanently scarred from my 49 hour journey from Nancy and Manolo’s house in Spain to Brady’s apartment here, which makes me a little hesitant for this journey home. It is only 28 hours though…

And then there’s all the excitement about being home. I’m actually just coming to grips with the fact that I will be home. (Whenever I write about coming home, I have to take a 2-3 minute break to consider what that means.)

Well I could go on for pages about everything I’m feeling right now, but that would be Ā boring to maybe everyone but my grandparents. I’ll end with something entertaining.

Here is the perfume commercial I was an extra in a month or two ago. I only spotted myself once, and it’s towards the beginning when my face passes right in front of the camera.