Sea Monkeys

You may know that I asked for Sea Monkeys for Christmas so that I could bring them with me to Jakarta and have them as pets.

Well the plan went without a hitch and the year 9 English classroom is enjoying a thriving little tank of these creatures. I think they are already having babies, because I keep seeing little tiny ones in there. However, now that I think about it, not very many of those little cutie-pies are growing up, so they must be getting eaten by the older ones. Ah the circle of life.

Our Sea Monkeys! You can only see a few in this picture (I circled them for you).

Our Sea Monkeys! You can only see a few in this picture (I circled them for you).

Things changed last Friday, when we discovered 2 of them linked together. I told the students to give them some privacy, and then emphasized that we might have some babies soon!

This morning though, they were still attached. Hmmm. Well Brady did some quick research and found that when they are attached, it means they are fighting to the death! Wow!

So naturally, we decided that we should name these two guys and come up with some background info for this deathly tussle they are in. This is what we came up with:

The attacker’s name is Potato, and the victim’s name is Mash. Potato was jealous of Mash, and attacked in a violent rage. The reason for Potato’s jealousy? Mash’s eyes are far more beautiful.

Once we named them, I realized how morbid it was to only name the Sea Monkeys that are on the brink of death. Oh well, I noticed new babies this morning so we have replacements on the way.



I’m hungry right now.

Why can’t there be a Subway here? My only options for getting a lot of food to eat (and by “a lot of food,” I mean a portion that will fill me up) are going to Pizza Hut, Burger King, Carl’s Junior, or ordering two meals at any of the sit-down restaurants.

Sure it’s fun to be able to frequently eat Carl’s Junior and Burger King, but after a while you start to feel your body dying.

I look forward to the day when Chipotle and Subway will again fill my stomach up for hours at a time.

Right now, though, I think I’m just gonna get Pizza Hut.

A view from above


These are some of the pictures I took on Friday from my window. This is actually a lot better than it had been the day before, when all lanes of the road were covered.



This was the end of a flooded road that was too deep for cars to go down. Only rafts.

This was the end of a flooded road that was too deep for cars to go down. Only rafts.

I didn't notice the little blue car in between the semis  until I just took a second look. I think it got a little water in it.

I didn’t notice the little blue car in between the semis until I just took a second look. I think it got a little water in it.


A few people have been asking me about the floods in Jakarta, so here is an update. A flood update. A flupdate.

Before I start, you should know that I am blessed to be in the location that I am in. The streets and land immediately surrounding my apartment/mall complex were not really flooded. Additionally, I have a mall right across the street from me with a grocery store in it, so at no point was I ever stranded or hungry or scared or panicked or wanting to read in a car (I get carsick!).

Flupdate: Thursday and Friday were the worst days, with waters apparently higher than 6 feet in some areas. Right now though (Sunday afternoon), with little rain in the past few days and the sun sort of shining, the water seems to be receding a lot (at least the water I can see from my window).

School was canceled Thursday and Friday, and we are tentatively planning on having school tomorrow, assuming it doesn’t start pouring before then. The problem is that our teachers and students are spread out all over the city, and so if there is still lots of water, a lot of people still cannot make it. What’s more, if it starts raining heavily during school tomorrow, we might have to dismiss early so we don’t all get stuck at school (no, please, don’t make me stay the night there!).

In the news you have probably seen lots of people wading through the water and kids playing in the water, which makes it look not so bad. However, that water is seriously disgusting, and extremely unhealthy. It is not chocolate milk. I repeat, it is not chocolate milk. You might think it’s brown from the dirt and soil, which surely is part of it, but a lot of it comes from canals that carry used water and human waste. Yay let’s get our floaties and go out into it! This water has created a very tough cleanup, and potentially lots of illness.

I would be lying if I told you I have not enjoyed this experience; school is canceled, my mall isn’t swarming with annoying, slow text-walkers, and I have been watching the Australian Open like crazy. I think everyone would benefit from this stuff ending very soon, though.

(From CNN)

(From CNN)


On a completely unrelated note, every weekend we have been noticing more and more white people. They are cramping our style, and to them I say in a mean, low, grumbly voice: “Could you please be so kind as to leave? Thank you for your attention.”

Must see

I just watched a really good video that I found on Facebook. It is a clip from Oprah, so I was obviously a bit hesitant, but I’m really glad I watched it.

One of the qualities that I dislike most about myself is the way I feel bad for myself. I am extremely blessed in so many ways, but I still find ways to pity myself for certain things. It is one of the most ridiculous and unwarranted things ever, and I know that, but it still happens.

So when I see things like this video, I am both convicted and encouraged. I am uplifted and reminded how blessed I am.

Most of all, like Rick Warren says at the beginning, I am reminded that God has given me the ability to make a choice, so even when I do hit those unfortunate circumstances, I can still make a choice to learn and grow from them.

The video is 10 minutes, but so worth it.

Pros and Cons

I have been back in Jakarta for almost 2 weeks now, and right now I am going to assess that time via a list of pros and cons. Here we go:

1. Pro: School got canceled today because of flooding.

Con: The flooding is apparently bad enough to destroy homes and leave thousands of people stranded. From my 33rd floor view, I see no signs of stopping.

2. Pro: I get to watch the Australian Open all day.

Con: Sometimes the sound is delayed by up to a second, which is annoying whenever watching TV.

3. Pro: I’m no longer freezing like I was at home.

Con: There’s some sweat, but actually it’s not too bad.

4. Pro: My sea monkeys hatched and they are so cute.

5. Pro: My iPhone is finally updated which allows me to text other iPhone users around the world.

6: Pro: I got to watch the Golden Globes on Monday night because the TV programmers scheduled a replay.

Con: I had to watch Jodi Foster’s acceptance speech.

7. Pro: My students haven’t been too bad since they got back from break.

Con: They aren’t perfect, which is annoying because I am.

8. Pro: I dont have to eat my same old school lunch today.

Con: My lunch will cost more than 75 cents.

More pros than cons. I wasn’t expecting that.