A great post from Lady Anika

Lady Anika has stumbled upon some great English mishaps. You need to see them. Here is a post that she wrote for her blog:

One of the fun things about living in Asia is the abundance of funny signs due to poor English translations. I’d like to share with you today some recent pictures I’ve taken on my phone.

This first one is my personal fave. It’s a decorative sign on a Christmas tree display in the mall.


Apparently Asia thinks that Norwegians like to tell Christmas stories about cutlery.

The next series of photos were taken last Saturday at a public school in Jakarta. Brady and I went with about 25 of our students to a government-sponsored English competition between several schools in West Jakarta. Our students gave speeches, told stories, and took a reading comprehension test. Walking around the school was interesting because it is so different than our school. None of the classrooms have air conditioning (or even fans), so all of the windows are more like large metal shades that are always open, allowing for constant airflow. Classes would have to be run very carefully, as noise in the school travels like crazy. Anyway, all throughout the school, there were some motivational signs written in Bahasa Indonesia, and translated into English:







The next picture is of the exam that our students took. Government-written English tests always have poor grammar (even our students find these tests laughable), but this is the funniest/most awkward/most confusing thing I’ve seen on a test:


Read the letter all the way through. You’ll see.

Next is just one of a bunch of weirdo funny t-shirts Tyler and I found in a department store yesterday:


And this last one has nothing to do with the other pictures, but it was on my phone and it’s a good way to end this post.


Brady with half a moustache. (Sorry it is hard to see.)



I’m in a very dangerous place right now.

I just had coffee and I am in the mood to not do anything–a combination that makes me really funny. Like, I crack myself up. The thing is, my coworkers, for some reason or another, are being really productive right now. That means I am basically isolated from the world, forced to retreat to the shelter of my imagination and websites like mashable.com and Youtube.

Additionally, I leave for home in 2 days. In case you didn’t know, when you have been away from family and friends and Chipotle and Peach Wave for a year, it gets really hard to concentrate in the days leading up to that special reunion. How am I supposed to enter grades and plan lessons with that on my mind?

So now, as this post draws to a close, I have to figure out what I will do after I hit ‘Publish.’ Will I go Google Taylor Swift? Will I read the CNN headlines for the 5th time today (it’s only 8:20 am)? Will I stare blankly at my computer screen with the iTunes store open?

Or, maybe I have just found a little bit of motivation… The thought of trying to finish everything I need to do in 1 hour seems like a fun challenge. Yes. In 10 minutes, after I’ve had time to Google Taylor, I will begin this new journey.

Thanks for your help.