Down unda

Well I am in Australia and I am still coughing. I think maybe now I am coughing because my lungs are going through withdrawal. See in Jakarta, I am basically smoking with each breath that I take, but here, the air is so clean that my lungs can’t help but react–by coughing.

But other than that misfortune, things are pretty good I guess. I mean the sun has been shining, the Opera House is looking pristine and proud, and the grocery stores are packed with wonderful western delights, like actual loaves of bread and dairy products-galore. And we bought crumpets to eat for brekky.

At this point we are still trying to recover from jet lag, especially Ryan and I, but hopefully tonight we will be able to catch up on our sleep so that we can really enjoy the next couple weeks.

Until next time,


Cough, cough

Like so many other times, I sit here wanting to write a blog, but can’t think of something to write about. Scratch that, one just came to me. Today’s post will be random facts.

  1. I am listening to Taylor right now. She thinks I’m beautiful.
  2. Miley Cyrus is engaged. Everybody makes mistakes.
  3. I’m hooked on the show Once Upon A Time. It’s from the creators of Lost, so don’t judge me.
  4. I can’t stop coughing. I am dying of cough.
  5. My favorite number is still 9, although I use the number 13 more.
  6. My goatee is hurting me!
  7. The Taylor swift song ended. She wants me to stay beautiful.
  8. I go to Australia in a week and a half. Whaaaat?

Okay now I have a segment called I actually thought of something to say. There are approximately one thousand changes taking place in our junior high for the next academic year. I am super excited about approximately a thousand of them.

Up until now, the junior high has not had much emphasis, and has sort of been viewed as the place where you go before senior high. For the next year, we are getting our own identity as the junior high, and the biggest change is that we are implementing the house system. American readers are probably asking, “Dude, but what the hello jello is a house system??!!” Well my compatriot, think Harry Potter. Similar to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, our school will have houses that each student will belong to.

I am the assistant leader of the Sumatra house, so I get to help plan lots of the activities and such. The reason I am so excited about this is because it is going to promote fellowship and bonding between the students, and it will give me (and the other teachers) a chance to bond with students in a new way.

Also, Brady and I will have our own English classroom, so we get to set it up how we want it. It’s really gonna make a difference in so many ways.

And now my post is getting to the point where people are like, “Uhh this is getting long and I still have to run to the store to buy raspberry jam and orange tic-tacs, so yeah…” That means I need to end this post.

So here goes.

Donde el mar se brilla

This post is because I want to travel somewhere.

Bueno, mientras me siento en mi oficina tan frio, no puedo que dejar de pensar en viajar a un lugar bonita y caliente. Un lugar cerca del mar, con mariscos ricos y aguas bellas. Puedes adivinar? Yo te doy un indicio: es un país europeo con dos de los mejores equipos de fútbol del mundo.

Si todavía no lo sabes, no te puedo ayudar.

Tal vez un razón que quiero ir es que ahora escucho a las canciones de Eurovision, y la primer vez que lo he visto era en este país.

Otro razón que quiero visitar a este lugar es que también ahora estoy planificando lecciones para el ano siguiente. Blah. Pienso que alguien preferiría relajarse y divertirse en un lugar mágico en vez de planificar lecciones. En realidad, yo preferiría ver el secado de pintura.

Pero, en vez de disfrutarme en mi país favorito, trabajo para mis estudiantes futuros. Ellos mejor que sean bueno en clase.

Y finalmente, si puedes entender este post, perdoname para mi español feo y lo siento para un post  aburrido. No tengo el dominio de español como lo hago de ingles, así que es mas difícil escribir algo entretenimiento.

Adivino que es tiempo para regresar a mi trabajo y dejar mis sueños de viajar. 😦

From my window

Here is the view from my window on the 33rd floor. Notice how you can see the ocean in the background, as well as the whole entire world. I will upload the view at night a little later, because it is pretty sweet.