May happenings

Woops, lots of things have happened. Things that I could write about for days. But nobody wants to read for days. So I’m gonna make a list of May’s recent highlights, condensing the details into a short description of each event and starting with the most recent.

  1. I used a new toothbrush this morning. My teeth feel amazing.
  2. I went to Seaworld this weekend and got my feet and legs sucked by dozens of tiny fishies. It tickled like nothing else. (You can read about these fish here.)

    This isn’t the best picture to show what happened, because this was right after I kicked them all off out of ticklement.

  3. My birthday was last week.

    Ruth and Anika surprised me with cupcakes. These are some of the other teachers we work with.

  4. My students graduated. They were so cute and then there was amazing food. I ate tons of steak, chicken, salmon, roast beef, etc, and the best part is that graduation was on my birthday, so my birthday meal was delicious and free!

    The year 9 graduation ceremony

    Some of the dessert at the ceremony aka my birthday cheesecake.

  5. Last week I went to a huge soccer game between the Indonesian National team and Inter-Milan, which was a crazy experience. And some random guy in line gave me a free Inter-Milan jersey! I choose to believe he was a birthday angel bringing me my pre-birthday present.

    Inter-Milan vs Indonesia

    Me and my birthday angel jersey

  6. We found out about some sweet changes that will be made at the school next year, which will make my job so much better.
  7. Our friends Courtney and Emily are visiting from home.

    Courtney and Emily at the beach!

  8. We moved to a new apartment. I live on the 33rd floor and can see all the way to China.
  9. Some of my students surprised me and threw a goodbye celebration for the class on the last day. They turned out the lights and when I walked into the classroom they shot firework-confetti things and jumped out from behind their desks. They even bought a cake and brought in lots of snacks for everyone. It was very sweet and it was a great way to end the school year.

    How did they know red velvet is my favorite?

    They set this up, not me.

    It was good.

    One of my year 9 classes

    And my other year 9 class



Cubicle Fever

I’m slightly nervous for the rest of my life.

I’m sitting here reminiscing on my Juniors Abroad trip 2 years ago to Italy, Tunisia, England, and Spain. We had so much fun exploring new lands, trying new foods, accidentally crashing 16-year-old birthday parties at private clubs–you know, touristy things.

I can’t believe it has been 2 years already.

And then I start to think about how it’s already been over 1 year since traveling to England for Spring Break. I miss Taylor. I miss London. I miss the Luther family. And then it occurs to me that I haven’t been to Europe for a full year! How can that happen!? As that reality sets in, I have to fight to keep from going stir-crazy in my cubicle.

Quick, where have I traveled to lately?! The US in December. Central Java in January. Thailand in March. Not good enough, I’m not helping myself. I remind myself that I am going to Sydney this summer. That helps, but it seems so far off.

How can I be so pathetic? I have been so blessed to have been able to see so many things over the past 3 years. Now two months straight in one place and I start feeling restless?

I deserve to be grounded.

That’s it, I’ll ground myself! From what? From PeachWave! No, too easy. From… Facebook! For the next hour! That’ll teach me.

But seriously, I am scared for the rest of my life. What happens when I get a dog? Or when I don’t have lots of vacation time? Or when I run out of money? Or when I get married? Or when I have kids?!

Gosh now I’m stressed. I need a vacation.

Baby Bucket List – sad news

Some of you may have read the post I wrote a few days ago titled “Baby Bucket List.” If you did not read it, you can find it here.

Yesterday Avery passed away due to complications related to SMA. On her blog, her father posted a message with information about Avery’s passing, as well as a farewell note posted by Avery (aka her father).

If you have not checked out the blog, I strongly encourage you to. It really is a touching story and encourages the reader to live and love to the fullest.


How are my protein shakes tasting lately, you ask? Well, they are tasting splendid, thanks for asking.

Today after finishing my circuit training, it was time for me to down some protein quick before my body started digesting itself. So I threw a scoop of my vanilla whey into my shaker bottle, poured in some orange juice, milk, and ice cold water, shook tha sucker, and BAM! I had a homemade, protein packed Orange Julius. All to the beat of “The One That Got Away,” which was playing on V music channel.

When I’m not having Orange Julius protein shakes, I’m having plain old vanilla, vanilla cinnamon, or chocolate vanilla (just put a teaspoon of cocoa powder in that sucker!)

So even though someone stole my mung out of the fridge at school today, I would say my protein intake was just as good, or better, than any other day.


And once again, thanks for asking!