Things to come…

Over the last few days I have been thinking about how quick the end of the school year is coming. The year 9 students finish at the end of May, which means the semester is about halfway done. The end of the semester means a few important things for me:

  1. I will be about halfway done with my 2 year contract. I realize that right now it’s only the end of February, but I have a feeling these next 2 ish months are going to fly by. That means that before I know it, I will be tearfully seeing off my students, and welcoming a new batch of hooligans.
  2. It will be time to begin considering what my options will be after my 2 year contract is done. There are lots of possibilities, but at the current moment it is too early to be able to weigh out my options. What will I decide! How will it end? Stay tuned to find out… [cliffhanger!]
  3. Australia. As soon as Ipeka’s school year is over, Brady and I will be saying goodbye Jakarta and hello Sydney!

Along with getting bigger muscles and the upcoming Thailand trip, these are the things that have been occupying my mind the last few days.

Another thing on my mind has been the general public’s opinion of peeing in the pool. Since I swim so often, I wonder how much of what I’m swimming in is actual water, and how much of it is some other liquid. I try not to think about it too much.

But you can help me! Please take my survey so that I can know that I am not crazy for being strongly against peeing in the pool!

Here is the link:



Oh what nice shorts I have

I did it. I found the traveling tailor [again]. He shortened my shorts. They fit just how I had hoped.

These shorts may also be the cheapest I have ever purchased. The pants were free (gift certificate), and the total for both tailors was approximately $1.60.

I even got to wear the suckers to the mall last night to watch Underworld: Awakening.

Keep an eye out for a chance to see them in upcoming pictures.

Photo Update

Recently I have observed and experienced some mildly entertaining events. To help me share these, here are some photos.

1. When we boarded our plane during our weekend trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia, there was a foggy substance spilling out from above the overhead compartments. I have 3 theories on what this was:

1) The air conditioning reacting weirdly with some of the passengers’ hair products.

2) The crew wanted to create a mythic atmosphere to make us feel like unicorns.

3) We got gassed.

Is this air conditioning or a poisonous gasses?

2. The other day I was on the 6th floor at our school and this was the view. I thought it noteworthy.

View of a neighborhood from a 6th floor window at school.

3. In my last post, I shared about Brady and my experience searching for the tukan jahit keliling, or traveling tailor. Well, look who I found this weekend!

Nice face, Tyler.

He only charged me 5000 rupiah (about 55 cents), which was unbelievable. Unfortunately, my shorts are about 2 inches longer than I hoped, so I will be keeping my eye out for him again this weekend.

4. This weekend we went to a new mall, and as we were walking around, we stumbled upon the food court. The food court shares the same area as this bad boy. It’s convenient because after you eat you can ride this and barf up your food.

Roller coaster in a mall.

5. Today is Valentine’s Day here, and some seniors have a fundraiser going on. Last week students and staff could order cookies, teddy bears, and roses and send them to people. Oh yeah, and live bunnies.

So today comes around and there are students everywhere walking around with little cute bunnies. It was such a bizarre thing to see.

Before lunch I get this treasure. I knew she would come through and at least send me something little while she is celebrating her Grammys.

She loves me.

Side note, no matter what the seniors tell you, I did not order this for myself and have it signed as from Taylor Swift.

Like I would actually do that.

Before I close, I must mention the new music I got this weekend. It’s Korean pop. K-pop. The best. I think I need to write a whole different blog about it. Get excited.

That Tailor is Swift!

Hi. It’s been awhile, so I will explain my absence from blogging for the past few weeks.

  1. My internet was awful for awhile. It is just beginning to get better.
  2. I ate something that made me sick, so I didn’t really want to do much but sleep.

Besides living a teacher’s lifestyle, those are the only excuses I can think of at the current moment…

I have done a few things recently, but at this point I want to share one of my experiences from this last weekend. Before I do that, though, I have to give a little background.

In December, I was given a gift certificate to a department store here, so when I returned in January I decided I wanted to buy shorts with it. The problem is that despite the fact that the store is about the size of a large Macy’s, they only had 4 pairs of shorts that would fit me (the rest were too big), and those weren’t what I was looking for. So, I decided I would buy some slacks that were on sale and get them made into shorts at a tailor. I had heard that tailors were pretty cheap and convenient here.

I came to find out that most tailors are pretty far from my apartment. That is, except for one.  In Indonesian he is called “tukang jahit keliling,” which means sewing man who goes around. That may seem like an odd name for a tailor, unless you know how this guy operates.

Imagine walking through your neighborhood, and a man rides by you on a bicycle with a sewing machine attached to the back. Oh don’t mind him, he’s just your neighborhood tukang jahit keliling.

Figuring he would be the cheapest and most convenient means of getting my pants into shorts, Brady and I set off on foot to find him. After about 45 minutes of not finding him, we decided to ask people where he would be. The overwhelming response we got from people was them drawing circles in the air to show us that he is just… around.

Unfortunately we did not find Mr. tukang jahit keliling. But one positive thing that came from our wandering was that we got color on our skin! Yes, it seems that the rain storms have the ability to remove some of the pollution from the air so as to allow UV rays to make it to Jakarta. So now instead of looking like the walking dead, I look like a former walking dead who recently woke up. Very recently.

Well, lunch detention is about to end, so I must begin to pack up and head to class.

This is me glaring at some of the students who are trying to talk in my no-talking zone.

Supervising the little ones.