Uncomfortably entertaining

There’s two words that can describe what I am doing right now: ten is. If you put those two words together, then you get the Spanish word for “tennis”, which is what I am currently watching live on TV. So there you go. And, if you know me, then you know that watching tennis makes me a happy boy.

What makes me even more happy is that it’s live coverage of the Australian Open, and the last time I watched live coverage of the AO, I had to be up at strange hours. But not now–now it’s only 7 pm. Hold that thought, I have to finish watching Wozniacki win her first round match (I suspect she won’t get past the quarters, though).

Match point…

Game, set, and match. 6/2 6/1, in case you were wondering.

Ok, back to me.

This weekend, something uncomfortably entertaining happened. We went to the “Monas”, which is a huge, iconic statue of a torch located in Central Jakarta (see pictures below). We have heard that you can go to the top, so that’s what we set out to do.

Unfortunately, when we got to the elevator they closed the line right in front of our faces, so we were not able to ascend the majestic flame. Upon turning around to leave, though, we encountered a group of about 50 little elementary students. After they quickly convinced Ruth to join their group photo (her red shirt matched their uniforms), Anika and Brady and I were then swarmed by the little munchkins and their teachers.

“Photo! Photo!”

“Hello Meester!”

“Where you from?”

And as if it is common procedure, when the photos were done they all lined up to shake our hands. Some of the boys opted for the more gangster, two-part hand grasp. Before they left, some kids came up to me with a pencil and an open notebook and said “Sir, your name.” After some hesitation, I started writing Tyler, but then I was uncomfortable with them knowing my name, so I wrote Tyler Delaney.

I knew someday I would be giving out my autograph (or Tyler Delaney’s).


The Monas

The Monas

Picture with the Bule!

Before the asked me for my autograph


Temporary home

Last week I started planning how I was going to write this blog, but now that I sit down to write it, I am emotionally in a different place than I thought I would be.

When I first got home at the beginning of Christmas break, I was surprised how strange it felt. I determined that it didn’t feel right because I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for being home. After I finally adjusted to being home, it was still difficult to embrace being home because I knew it was temporary.

Last week I began feeling settled in, which was nice because I felt fully comfortable and at home. And I guess that is why today is so hard. I have had to once again say goodbye to all my friends and family, and I hate goodbyes.

But even though saying goodbye is hard, I did have a fulfilling time with friends and family this break. I got to see some of the things I miss while away from Oregon, like clear winter days that allow for great views of the mountains, fresh, crisp air, and the beautiful and charming Oregon coast.

One of the things I learned this break is to be intentional about recognizing all of the blessings in my life–from the beauty of Oregon’s scenery to my amazing family.

So now I sit in the San Francisco airport reflecting on the last few weeks, and trying to prepare myself for this journey back to Jakarta. And to everyone I am leaving, whether I got to see you this break or not, I love you and miss you and dedicate this song to you: