I N V U 4 U R A Q T

In a couple weeks I will be speaking to a bunch of students about how to be intentional with your time at school. In order to start preparing for that, I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself what it was like to be in junior high and high school.




This is the first time I remember going through my yearbooks, and it was so much more fun than I could have imagined.

I could feel the ghost of those emotions I experienced as a student: lots of loneliness and wanting to fit in, insecurities, and all that crap students experience. (This was not the fun part.)

But man, if there is one thing that’s absolutely for sure, it’s that if I went back to high school now I would OWN it. I would crush high school.

I’d be amazing.

What I want to focus on right now, though, is the worst best thing ever:

Junior high yearbook signatures. (This is the fun part.)

For my future enjoyment, and for your present enjoyment, I’ve typed up some of my favorites with a quick response underneath.



“OY! Hey Tyler! Wuz ^! You are so cute (not that way) 🙂 Have a cool summer!”

“Hi tyler! Over the summer lets meet @ burgerville!”
-At Burgerville? Are you sure?

“Cool dude!”

“remember the good times!”
 -(what if there weren’t any?)

-Oh hey man it’s so good to see you thanks for stopping by!

“Hey sweets! Have a good summer!”

“Hey Tyler, I
-I 100% did not have fun.

“Hey sexy!”
-No. I looked like I was 7.


So glad I’m 25.


Sorry 2015

This morning I was thinking about how much I complain. It’s probably one of my biggest character flaws.

I’m going to interrupt myself really quick, because the idea of having a character flaw is actually fun for me. It makes me feel edgy. And yes, I am aware that the act of complaining is not edgy, please just let me have this moment.

Anyway, I know that I have definitely annoyed lots of my friends by being a complainer. To anyone reading this who I have annoyed with my whining, I apologize.

But I also want to use this time to apologize for any future complaining episodes so that I don’t have to worry about apologizing later on. That way there’s just less for me to worry about.

In an attempt to make myself look better, I also want to encourage people to compare my whininess to that of the lovable Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation. That way it’s fun for everyone! And while you’re making that comparison, I think you’ll also see many other lovable traits that Tom and I share. (But remember, I’m edgy too!)

I’m hot for the desktops

Today I realized a sad truth about myself.

It happened when I was just hanging out (by myself), minding my own business, when I stopped to try and figure out the song that was playing in my head.

When I realized what it was I felt weird.

The chorus from this stupid commercial has been stuck in my head for roughly 8 years (I know this because I looked it up and it came out in 2007). And, until I just looked it up, I hadn’t seen the commercial in roughly 8 years, either.

What is life?

Singing Cats

When I spend a lot of time alone, I personally believe that the US and the Iraq that I get really funny. I sit there and think of all these hilarious situations or do things that crack me up or talk in the funniest voice in the world.

To the outside world I suppose I would appear to be insane.

The past few days I’ve seen a spike in being at home alone, which means I’ve also seen a spike in my overall comedy level. Here’s something that has come from that:

Last night my sister was complaining that her cat doesn’t love her anymore, and I said, “No, Ashley, that’s not true. She’s been singing to you alllllllllll day.”

Then I went through the iTunes singles chart and played samples of what the cat had been singing to Ashley–anything from Uptown Funk to Thinking Out Loud to Sugar, all of which obviously proved how much the cat still loved Ashley.

That little situation in itself was hilarious to me (and minimum amusing to spectators in the kitchen), but this morning I caught the cat in the act. A lot. And by caught the cat in the act I mean I recorded the cat sleeping while playing songs from my laptop.

How am I so funny!? The world may never know!

(Full disclosure, I have upwards of 4-5 minutes of cat-singing video on my phone.)

Besd freeends

I love unintended grammar errors.

Well, sometimes.

If I make an error, it’s not usually funny. When I’m reading published material and I see mistakes, no thank you.

But when I see errors in graffiti, for instance, that is hilarious.

On a trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia a couple years ago, I found my favorite graffiti ever. The reason for this is that it was done by (I’m assuming) rebellious tweens who knew only a little bit of English.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, but you probably won’t because I think weird things are funny.

(It might be funnier if you read them out loud to yourself.)


“Besd Freend”


“bestplend Forever”


“Tita is my best”




“Taylor Swift is ME”

The last makes me so happy because 1) it’s hilarious 2) I think they were trying to say “Taylor Swift was here.”

Sorry if you didn’t laugh.

Caviar you kidding me right now?

One time I was enjoying a nice walk on a beautiful winter day in Sydney, Australia, when I came across this horror:


I don’t want to seem dramatic, but this is the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen and it ruined my vacation and when I just rediscovered this photo it ruined my entire 2015.

Please join me in being outraged by this photo. Let’s get it trending.